Northside Baptist Church
                                                                  Denham Springs, LA

Love God .   Love People .  Reach the World .

New to Northside?

Where is Northside located?

We are located at 200 Cockerham Rd., Denham Springs, LA off of Hwy. 16 (Range Ave.)

200 Cockerham Road, Denham Springs, LA

2. What time are the church services? What do I do with my kids?

       On Sundays, we have Sunday School classes for all ages starting at 9:15am, while our worship service begins at 10:30am. Our weekly worship service normally ends about 11:45am. A free nursery is available for this service for ages birth to 3 years. On Sunday evening, starting at 6:00pm, we have Bible Study. On Wednesdays, we offer a weekly prayer meeting that begins at 6:15 pm in the church sanctuary. In addition, we offer Kids Club from 6:00pm-7:30pm for children and teens.

               *Please check the calendar or contact the church office for further information regarding services and events.


3. What is an average Sunday worship service like? 

       Our typical Sunday morning begins with Sunday School from 9:15am-10:10am (with age appropriate classes). At the sound of the bell, classes dismiss and our members make their way to the main foyer to receive a bulletin, get offering envelopes, maybe get some water, or take care of anything that they need to attend to before the start of the service. Inside your bulletin, you will see the order of the service, along with helpful scripture references, announcements, and our weekly prayer guide. About five minutes prior to the service, we begin to prepare our hearts and minds for worship, singing songs that set our focus on Christ as people continue to get settled and find their seats. We intentionally adjust our order from time to time to avoid getting too comfortable as to simply 'go through the motions'.  However, the typical service will start with a welcome from our Pastor and then will officially begin with a Call to Worship. Following our Call to Worship, we choose to open with a prayer of adoration, confession, or thanksgiving (often, a combination of all three). Next, we will lift our voices together again for edification, singing a few more songs. After we have given offerings of praise and offerings of prayer, we have the privilege of giving back a portion of what we have been blessed with to the advancement of God's kingdom. Two deacons or ushers will bless this offering. Then, as it is collected, the congregation will be encouraged again to draw near to God as music is skillfully played or sung. After the offertory, we open God's word as the message is delivered. Following the message is a hymn of response. An invitation is given at this time for any who have heard, yet have not believed. However, this invitation time is also a time for those who have believed to respond with praise or prayer. We offer prayer benches at the front of the Sanctuary for those who wish to humble themselves in the midst of the congregation. Following any special announcements that there may be, we close with a Benediction. Once the Benediction prayer has concluded, we encourage the congregation to fellowship with one another.


4. What do people wear during services at Northside?

Typically, you’ll find that some dress up and some dress down but, there is not a dress code at Northside.

5. Tell me about the congregation at Northside?

Northside consists of a mix of some young and old. Regardless if you are married, divorced, single, or widowed you'll find like people at Northside and we encourage you to fellowship with them and to edify one another.


6. How often does Northside observe the Lord's Supper and who can participate?

Northside observes the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every other month. 

Any believer who has placed their faith in Christ for salvation is welcome to participate (you don't have to be a member at NBC). 

In the spirit of 1 Corinthians 11, we ask that unbelievers not participate.

7. Do you ask for money?

         Visitors are not expected to give financial support to our ministry, though it is certainly welcome. Northside does rely on the faithful financial support of its members to operate. We see giving as an opportunity to give back unto the ministry a portion of what the Lord has blessed us with. There is a designated offering time during our service in which we have the opportunity to demonstrate purposeful and joyful giving. Immediately before this offering time, we stop to thank God for His generosity toward us and to pray over the use of the funds that are given. All offerings are tax-deductible so please make sure to give us your name and mailing address if you want a year-end giving statement to use when you prepare your taxes.


8. What kind of music do you sing?

       We encourage the willing use and development of musical talent or skills. We have an Adult Choir, a seasonal Children's Choir, a Praise Team, a Handbell Choir, and a Men's Ensemble. We also have a pianist, a digital keyboard player, and we welcome any other instrumentalist that would like to accompany our services. We don't care about style or genre of music. Our sole basis for our musical selections is the Word of God. Our music includes new songs as well as the tried and true hymns of the faith. A song's lyrics and congregational singability, not its age, determine whether or not we sing it in worship. Everything about the singing throughout our worship service aims to express worship and gratitude towards God; regular men and women raising their voices in heartfelt singing that blesses our souls and pleases God. In addition, we intend for the worship of your brothers and sisters in Christ to be a testimony unto God's work in their lives. Therefore, we guard against turning distractions and we work to ensure the volume of the music never overpowers the voices of the congregation.


9. Do you single out visitors?

A simple, warm welcome is extended to all visitors without singling anyone out.  An opportunity to complete a visitor's survey is attached to our bulletin and may be placed in the offering plate. 

10. Will I have trouble finding a seat?

On any given Sunday, we have plenty of open seating. If we have a larger than normal crowd, rest assured, we will put out extra seating.