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VBS 2017 NBC

July 13-14


Drop Off Time: Begins as early as 8am

Ages 4 - 6th Grade

Sign your kids up for two fun-filled days of worship, food, games, crafts, and kid-based lessons focusing on God on July 13-14! 

The Drop Off time for kids begins at 8am. These early arrivals will be entertained until the 9am start time.

Please be back for 3pm to pick your children up. 

Our dedicated staff of church members and happy volunteers will ensure that your kids leave with a smile on their face and with joy in their heart. 

Be sure to invite a friend!


What Is VBS?

VBS, or 'Vacation Bible School,' is one of the most strategic outreach tools for the church and includes age-appropriate evangelism emphasis. VBS is a flagship church event, uniquely inviting and exciting for everyone involved. The event belongs to the local church and must be flexible enough for individual church needs.

VBS is centered on a theme that permeates content, methodology, and the learning environment, creating an experience totally distinct from Sunday school. The theme must be appealing to children. A sub-theme may be used to explain content or the meaning of the theme.

VBS provides sound, relevant Bible study that enables people to experience and respond to the gospel message in ways that are appropriate for them. Everything that happens during a day of Vacation Bible School grows out of the biblical content and emphasis of that day. Vacation Bible School leads preschoolers, children, youth, and adults to study the same biblical content, when appropriate.
VBS includes schedules that help older preschoolers and children rotate through varied learning experiences with a variety of Christian leaders. It also offers suggestions for a self-contained classroom option.

VBS enlists teachers of preschoolers and children to lead certain functions based on their abilities, interests, and spiritual gifts. This simplifies worker preparation for many teachers who repeat their teaching assignments with different groups of children.
VBS requires user-friendly, easy-to-prepare, and easy-to-use materials that help teachers lead effective, meaningful learning experiences and establish relationships with learners.

The primary elements of Vacation Bible School are Bible study, worship, crafts, music, missions, recreation, and snacks. Each age group may adapt these elements.

VBS is an entry point to church and Christianity for many people, so it must be comfortable, enjoyable, and appealing. Vacation Bible School gives the church the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with these people.

Vacation Bible School must provide challenging experiences that continue to stimulate spiritual growth for churched people.


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History of VBS

VBS was the idea of Mrs. Walter Aylett Hawes, a doctor's wife. Her goal was to get children off the streets of New York. In 1898 and 1899 Mrs. Hawes rented a beer hall in New York's East Side to conduct her Everyday Bible School. In 1900 Mrs. Hawes' pastor, Howard Lee Jones, insisted that the Bible school move to the church building, Epiphany Baptist Church. After two weeks it became clear that children from the East Side would not attend at the church, so Mrs. Hawes moved the school back to a site near the beer hall.

In the early 20th century, VBS became a growing trend. While Mrs. Hawes was indeed a Baptist, VBS was a non-denominational event in those early years. In 1922 the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention assigned the work of VBS to the Sunday School Administration Department. In 1924 a Vacation Bible School Department was formed and Homer Grice, a pastor from Georgia, became its first director. At that point VBS was usually a 4-week event!


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VBS 2016 was a BLAST! Join us again this year!"



Thank you for volunteering in the name of the Lord! Please stay tuned in church for more information.
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