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Pastor Search Committee Progress Report

Posted by NBC on July 27, 2016 at 9:00 AM

July 20, 2016



July 20, 2016


The Pastor Search Committee continues to move forward seeking the Lord's selection for the under shepherd at Northside Baptist Church. As the committee examines resumes, it is a great assurance knowing that the Lord is guiding us and knowing that the Lord is with us in this search. We know by His word that He is very interested in His church and we are very excited that He is sharing with us and working with us.

We are contacting other committees that are vital in placing the Lord's selection of Pastor here at Northside. We must follow the Lord, we must seek His guidance, and we must allow Him to guide us in His time. We look forward to the time when the Lord will say, "This is my selection." Remember Samuel as he went to anoint the next king of Israel.

Please keep the Pastor Search Committee in your prayers.

- George L. Travis, PSC Chairman

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